Saturday, January 29, 2011

doing the right thing vs doing things right

and again,
i've done things right
not the right thing.

i'm so frustrated.
mad at myself.

and everything happens for reason.

just one more chance.
need to make the best out of it

O Allah, show me the path, give me the strength.
i want to excel in this .
the only way for me to gain success and return to my beloved ones

Sunday, January 2, 2011

it is hot and noisy!

it's new day in the new year.
the air cond is still not working from last week.
it is hot..
i'm sweating..
this is not the right place for sauna..

and it is very noisy..
wish that i can be patient.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

am i doing the right thing?

it makes me wonder..
am i doing the right thing?

feels like talking no one..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what type of world are we living in now?

  • babies being found at dumpsites, in the river
  • father and sons charged for raping disabled daughter and sisters
  • kid killed after house full with crackers exploded
  • father slaughtered son
Astaghafirullah hal azim.. Nauzubillahi min zalik..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kudos dear students!

The results of UPS 1 (mid semester exam) for matriculation students was announced yesterday.

Alhamdulillah, 6 out of 10 students from my mentor mentee class achieved 4.00 GPA, while the rest got 3.5 and above.

As a result, the class is awarded with the honour of "Kelas Berprestasi Tinggi" by the college.

Congratulations, dear students!

Thank you for all the lecturers who have worked very hard to teach all the students.
Jazakallahu Khairan Kathira.

Don't be too happy, work hard and work smart, score better. The journey is still winding and long.

p/s: Even the girl whom i mentioned that afraid to speak in English managed to get 4.00! I need to add on my approach to help improve her English or else it will be a waste for her.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

O ALLAH, my lord, give me strength

it's already night of 12th ramadhan 1431H.
it's saturday evening.

alhamdulillah, i've completed 11 days of fasting,
performed solat sunat tarawih every night without fail..
although i was very tired from work and study..

and this ramadhan is quite different
it is more meaningful,
i just learned that we pray to ALLAH not because He does not know what we want,
in fact He has given us more than we prayed for
but we pray to Him,
because we are His servants,

i have a little time but so many things to complete:
assignments, workloads, wedding preparation, housechores..

i pray to you
to give me more strength of Iman and faith,
for me to complete all these things under Your Rahmah and blessings, amin

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"we love you, miss jaja"

the sentence was written on the blackboard in class 6C, Sek keb Pedu, a remote school.
It is located about 1 hour drive from Alor Star.

We: Me, k.nurul and k.tia are assigned to teach English to standard 6 students there as a social service activity by our college. We have started the programme since June. We go there every Wednesday.

The students come from various family background.
They are Malay and Siamese students, a new environment for us the college lecturers.
Their English language competency is also varies.
Some are advanced, some are just at the intermediate level.
they are afraid to speak in English, but they do not even speak standard Bahasa Melayu, they speak very thick Kedah dialect..

During the first class there, I told my colleagues that I was not fit to teach primary students, they were just so naughty and noisy.. they could not sit still after 5 minutes.. they would walk around and make noise..

Week by week, i've started to understand them better..
I introduce rules such as they need to be quiet when i'm teaching, speak when i ask them to do so, finish up the work, speak English, and if it is very difficult, use standard BM, not Kedah dialect.

One thing that i like about these students is that they respect the teacher.
Although they are quite naughty, when you instruct them to do something, they will do it.
They are also very excited to to the exercise. they will finish up the work as fast as they can, and they will compete who is going to finish up first and show it to me.
I start to feel at ease with them..

Today, is our first meeting after quite long holidays; school break, matrix break, awal Ramadhan public holiday.
and this is what i saw when i walked in the class this afternoon:
"We love you, miss jaja"

i love you too, students.. perhaps my short duration class and my lack of experience and knowledge in teaching UPSR students, will just help you a little, but i hope it will be very meaningful ..

one more meeting, and the class will end.. school will go on holiday, matrix will have Raya break, and after that UPSR is waiting..