Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Jah went back home on 7th of ramadhan (28.8.09).
My mother was down under fever, low blood pressure and gastric since 1st ramadhan.
She couldn't eat at all. She just lied down on bed. Dr Mat from klinik Rahim advised her to go to hospital to get drip, but she refused.
Abah asked us to have coax her to go and get drip from at a clinic.
Only after all of us were at home, she agreed to get the drip, not at the hospital, but at a private clinic.

Looking at her at that time, i just realised that she was very old and i was afraid that she won't be there when it is the time for me to get my masters degree and get married.

I cooked for her.
Just a simple ikan singgang n ikan goreng, she almost finished the whole plate of it.
Abah said that she was actually missing all her children as well as her youngest grandson, haziq.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

change of attitude

in order to achieve success in anything and everything you do
you need to change your attitude
be positive
be optimistic
be strong

when the others say you can't do it
take it as a challenge
show them you can do it
and when you do it
make the best out of it

you are the one who is responsible
to your own success

be strong
be tough
put aside other irrelevant things

remember the main purpose of what you are doing now
remember ALLAH in anything ang and everything you do

tonight is 19th night of Ramadhan
make your prayer

all the best, jaja!