Sunday, February 15, 2009

busy days have arrived..

next week jaja will be in malacca
attending a course building materials for English matriculation programme
i'll be there for four days

once return to kedah
jaja will prepare for the CoLT conference early march

for the time being jaja is still analysing data for the research paper
jaja has withdrawn the abstract of 'a study on multicultural..." due to technical problem
so, jaja with the help of miss jayanthi
will only present the paper of PPSMI: kmkn students' perception

wish me luck!....

Monday, February 2, 2009

let's get busy...

jaja is intentionally getting busy:

1. sending 2 abstracts of research paper
a) a study on teachers cultural competence
b) PPSMI in Matriculation - a study on students' opinions
- to a conference in Penang - accepted
2. conducting research abstract B
3. analysing 120 sets of the research questionnaire