Saturday, July 3, 2010

tico, sayo tok pehe kecek inglish

teacher, i do not understand English

this is my 3rd batch of matriculation students.
i have taught
previously, i had very great students. coming from good background of English..
and even some of them were not very good, they still managed to speak in English although broken ones, or wrote an essay with a number of grammatical errors but with great ideas, at least they could write in English,,

for the first time, i have student who come into my class with "E" in English subject SPM.
she is second intake student.
and i asked her to introduce herself in class.
she just stared at me.
i asked "what is your name"
she said, "tico, sayo tok pehe kecek inglish"
then i asked "your name? nama?"
only after that, she replied with very slow voice

in another class, we had a discussion on quality of today's teachers.
i later asked the class to write about it.
i gave them subtopics to talk about.
only 3 subtopics.
i asked them whether they understand my instruction and know how to do it.
all of them said fine

when time was up.
i collected all the essays.
but she looked at me and said that she did not know how to do it.
she looked like as if she wanted to cry
then i asked her to write only points.
she came out with 3 points.
i asked her to write about herself,
she can write.
i believe it's her own work.
i want to have faith in her.

she failed her listening quiz, leaving blanks for the answer spaces..
she failed her reading quiz, she answered based on her instincts.
now, i have just finished marking her standardised test, for essay question, she wrote one paragraph which was the question.

what am i going to do with her?


  1. That is exactly what I'm thinking about my students too. What have they learnt, I have no idea. I feel sorry that most of my students are experiencing the same thing, and we educators are in big dilemma!

  2. Do not worry. Have faith in our system of education. The two universities near your kampong will have places for people like that girls. They are great unversities that can do wonders.

  3. k.tia: they do not realise the importance of English. but i still believe with correct method, we can make them realise it and change their attitude towards English.. the student that i mentioned earlier has shown some positive improvement =)
    pakcik: i'm really happy and pleased to read your comment. you are my inspiration in dealing with this kind of student. she has started to take part in classroom discussion. i'm really happy. she is very good in mathematics, it will be a waste if she is not accepted into university due to her MUET result later on.